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Urban Self Defense

The Kombato is used by bodyguards to protect officials, businessmen and celebrities. Our system was developed in one of the most violent cities int he world, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There is a Kombato program tailored to civilians, aimed at teaching self-defense for the individual and their own family, which is taught in martial arts studios, gyms, clubs and through private lessons. Another program is tailored to police; the essence of Kombato is military combat.   

The goal of the Kombato system is to ensure that its practitioners are prepared to recognize and neutralize threats. The system teaches movements with and without weapons, both standing and on the ground. To better understand the system that Kombato offers, instructors teach students through mnemonics.  

New techniques, and improvements on old ones, are developed periodically. All of the techniques are tested through simulations by a team of instructors, and only after much study and trial, are the new techniques passed down to the students. 

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Team Raposa is the Headquarters for USA division of Kombato. For more information on what our program is all about, please click the link below.

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